There is a quote that I love, "The healing is in the return." Oh I've returned over and over again. At times the journey has been long and some days it's the thought of doing something and I come to awareness of "no, not that way my dear." And I smile to myself and say thank you, thank you. 

In my recent volunteer experience at Laguna Honda, I wanted to visit a resident that I had visited a few weeks prior to practice gratefulness. In our last encounter, I had felt unappreciated, dismissed, used even. Ha! In reflection of that day, I realized that I was unaware of the expectations I had of the experience we were going to have, and when that wasn't met, the feelings of un-appreciation came up for me. In that, I planned to meet with this resident again and practice gratefulness. 

On my way to his room that day, the nurse stopped me to say that he had passed away just a few minutes before returning to the nurses station. Stopped me dead in my tracks. Oh LOVE, how you humble me. Here I was, setting expectations again, setting the record straight, getting even, setting the bar to how to be in the moment and grateful - through this resident. And just like that, the resident was gone.

I was left with the lesson of, "be grateful" for every moment. Let go expectations. A lesson to healing over and over again. He died on such a beautiful day, the sunset filled the sky with a bright orange and bright deep pink color. 

Thank you for the lesson. 

Thank you for this life.

Thank you for this breath.